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Apex Patient Transport System

Apex PTS

Patient Transport Management Software is a modern, SAAS based software package to provide you with a high level of operational control, efficiency and record keeping for all your patient transport and first aid event work.

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“I believe it’s the best system out there for private transport operators.”
Jamie Smith, Managing Director, NWPALS

Apex Networks Patient Transport Software is a comprehensive Ambulance Dispatch and Communications System that allows Patient Transport companies to manage all aspects of their business, including;

Control Room Dispatch                                 Web Booking Portal

Route Planning                                                 Driver App

Vehicle Tracking                                               Fleet Management

Rota Management                                           Event First Aid Management

Human Resources                                           KPI Reporting

and much more.


Apex also provides high levels of security and ongoing support:

ISO 27001 certified

G Cloud 13 supplier

24/7 support to all customers

A cloud-based solution


We’re excited to share how Apex Networks can transform your patient transport services. Reach out to us for a demonstration or speak to some of our satisfied existing customers.

Click for more information:   www.apex-networks.com/Patient/Patient.aspx

Contact Suzanne Winham on 0203 195 6757  or swinham@apex-networks.com