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Nine Group

Nine Group

We provide clinically effective solutions in fast and cost-effective ways across a wide range of products to the NHS, Private Medical Groups, Emergency Services and Patient Transport providers.

Based on feedback from our customers, we have made some changes that you may wish to benefit from.

We have expanded our fogging and decontamination range
As the UK prepares to ease out of its current lock-down, it is more important than ever to ensure public and shared spaces are cleaned,
sanitised and disinfected correctly.

Achieving a genuinely disinfected setting is challenging, but achievable with the right products, people, equipment and
principles in place.

Time matters, so we have increased the stock we hold
We have expanded our stock holding and warehouse capacity to ensure we can support our clients with more reliable and faster turn around and
delivery times. In addition, we continue to offer additional flexible ad-hoc local warehouse and on-site stockholding options and services for clients.

We can deliver wherever and whatever time you want.

We have also expanded our in-house logistics and delivery team and increased our fleet, enabling us to provide a direct, fast and 24/7 secure
delivery service for our priority customers to mobile and static sites, providing considerably faster, more reliable and trackable deliveries than
standard carrier services.

Easy and fast single ad-hoc and entire one stop shop solutions. Whether a site needs products and services on single ad-hoc basis, or a
complete one-stop shop solution across an entire range of requirements, we are able to help and are have simplified the complexity and time
required when having to place multiple orders across various product categories.

We adapt to changing needs and set the highest standards.

We also supply ECG electrodes
Following on from the recent patient safety alert, we now manufacture our own ECG electrodes, which address and overcome the issue of clear ECG dots, which were traditionally the most standard ECG dots of choice. The Nine Group Swiftmed ECG electrodes have a printed backing, which enables them to be spotted should they fall into a patient’s mouth. These also have a premium carbon stud ensuring great connectivity, increasing their lifespan, resulting in considerable time and cost efficiencies as they can be retained post transfer, where appropriate.
We are technical and there for you, whenever you need us.

Having a team of fully qualified specialists in-house, enables us to answer and address scientific, technical and product questions, whilst also
providing service and maintenance to any equipment, exceptionally fast.

In addition, we are the UK distributor for Schiller UK for pre-hospital care, including defibs, AEDS and touch 7’s etc.

To find out more, please contact Joel Glazebrook on joel@ninegrp.com or 01726 813979, or check out our products via this link.