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Mangar Health
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Established in 1981, Mangar Health design, manufacture and supply specialist inflatable lifting cushions, used by every NHS Ambulance Trust in the UK. Powered using an Airflo compressor, the products are lightweight, portable and can be used inside or outdoors.


The ELK lifting cushion has been innovatively designed to lift people who have fallen to the ground – even in the most confined spaces.  Easy to use, the ELK provides a dignified lift the person who has fallen, while protecting the paramedic from musculoskeletal injury. The ELK lifts up to 70 stone.

Camel Lifting CushionCamel Lifting CushionThe Camel

Used by ambulance crews and community first responders, the Camel lifting cushion includes an in-built backrest to support the head and back of the fallen person during the lift.  The patient’s feet remain on the floor throughout the lift, giving a feeling of safety and security. This product is particularly suitable for anyone with a cognitive impairment, such as dementia.

The Camel lifts up to 50 stone.

For more information on our products or to arrange a demonstration call Mangar Health on Paul Watts on 07975 234293 email pwatts@mangarhealth.com or visit our website: https://mangarhealth.com/uk/