IAA Business Partner Ambulance Parts Ltd is extremely excited to announce that they have gained BS EN 1789 Certification on their newly designed AP Access RD21 ambulance ramp. The news comes following successful testing of the ramp and floor-pan at UTAC’s Linas-Montlhéry test facility near Paris, witnessed by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA).

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BS EN 1789 specifies requirements for the design, testing, performance and equipping of road ambulances used for the transport, monitoring, treatment and care of patients. It contains requirements for the patient’s compartment in terms of the working environment, ergonomic design and the safety of the crew and patients. The CEN standard, commonly known as BS EN 1789:2020 –  ‘Medical Vehicles and their Equipment – Road Ambulances’, is required for European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and GB Type Approval for vehicles classified as special purpose (ambulances).

The re-design of the Ambulance Parts wedge ramp and planning for the testing took many months of preparation, and testing took place over several days which included two Fiat Ducato body-shells with complete ramp kits. The successful testing gives peace of mind over the ramp’s safety and integrity, not endangering the safety of persons in the ambulance should it be involved in a significant collision or accident, ensuring the ramp and floor-pan remain stowed, and preventing them from becoming a projectile when subjected to forces of 10g X 5 directions.


Robert Stevenson, Director of Ambulance Parts said; Ramp 4 (2) (002)

“The recent BS EN 1789 certification of the AP Access RD21 wedge ramp is an exciting development for the Ambulance Parts range of access ramps, offering reassuring passenger safety and valuable weight saving gains for both Internal Combustion Engine and Electric Emergency Vehicles as we move towards 2030 and beyond'”

The AP Access RD21 ramp has been completely redesigned and trialled over many months. Whilst the overall look of the new ramp is similar to its predecessor (AP100), it encompasses many manufacturing changes such as the reduction of internal fittings and the introduction of a high strength bond to replace welded components, all of which reduces its overall weight.

The AP Access RD21 ramp is available for Fiat Ducato/Stellantis variants.


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For further information please visit  www.ambulanceparts.co.uk or email info@ambulanceparts.co.uk