Zenith Hygiene Group

Zenith Hygiene Group is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of cleaning, hygiene and infection control products, supplying a wide range of cleaning and sanitising products which are widely used throughout the NHS and the healthcare sector providing safe, effective protection to greater than Log 5.

Zenith is proud to be working in partnership with multiple NHS Trusts, private ambulance operators as well as deep-clean and make-ready professionals where our hygiene and infection control products are in daily use on bariatric, paediatric, HDU, neurological and non-emergency PTS vehicles.

Our unique approach gives complete compliance – from comprehensive staff training in all areas including
– vehicle deep clean training
– vehicle daily cleaning training
– non-clinical IPC training delivered face to face and electronically completely free of charge
– hygiene audits
– ATP Testing to our bespoke IPC Document protection you and your staff all designed to complement its market-leading products and systems.

As standard, we provide all mandatory signage and documentation including the Zenith Hygiene Group’s bespoke IPC programmes designed to ensure the effective use of products to maintain a clean, safe environment, improving patient safety. Proven, Effective, Compliant.

Zenith Hygiene has developed a range of innovative products and services specifically for the ambulance sector aimed at minimising the risk of infection to the patient and crew and ensuring there’s an audit trail confirming the cleanliness of vehicles and equipment. Our ambulance product range includes:

Bio Sanitiser – a highly effective Viricidal, Fungicidal, Sporicidal, Bactericidal and cleaner sanitiser independently proven to kill MRSA, Norovirus, C.diff and HIV to mention just a few in one easy to use application . . . the most effective, proven cleaning and sanitising product available;

Alcohol Free Hand Foam Sanitiser – a market leading new formulation delivering outstanding efficacy and an 8-hour residual protection. Can be used on both wet and dry hands and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling once applied. Highly effective against MRSA, Rotavirus, Norovirus, H1N1 and many more. Available in personal issue 50 ml belt mounted bottles and 800 ml pouches for use in vehicles;

Traffic Film Remover – a premium non-caustic traffic film remover especially designed not to dull expensive vehicle decals, TFR 1000 cleans and degreases vehicle bodies, alloy wheels and chassis on all types of vehicles including vehicle interior floors;

Additional products are available these include disposable mop heads for ambulance interiors, colour coded buckets, brooms, handles, paper products, clinical waste sacks, etc.

For more information on our range of products and services, please contact us to discuss your requirements by phone, email, website or our customer care team:

James Staniland, Medical Corporate Account Director (07917 597 296)
Email: james.staniland@zhgplc.com
Customer Care: 01707 270 260