IAA Business Partner


VEV is part of energy and commodities company, Vitol

VEV helps companies deliver on their fleet electrification ambitions with an end-to-end solution spanning vehicles, charging infrastructure and power.  We navigate the complexity to map your electrification journey and design a resilient and cost-effective solution that is optimised for your specific fleet requirements.  We help keep your fleet running at scale.

Our 4-step process helps define your electric future, map out your journey and how to achieve it before installing and optimising your fleet:

  • Vision – we’ll design your fleet transition to EV using your existing fleet data in our assessment tool
  • Plan – we’ll create a transition plan with stakeholders bought in
  • Prepare – we’ll develop detailed project and financial plans for investment
  • Operate – we’ll provide ongoing support with data insights and optimisation of costs, operations and sustainability metrics

Find out more at VEV.com or contact us at ask@vev.com