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Motorola Solutions logoAmbulance services have evolved from simply transporting patients to providing life-saving trauma and critical care. The convergence of technology and medicine means the future of emergency care will be shaped by mobile data and application services.

Having the right information at the incident scene and en route to the hospital can help maximize the efficiency of the response and help save lives. By equipping the ambulance services’ first responders with solutions that let them stream video, access information and collaborate in real time while in the field, they are able to make better decisions and ensure better patient outcomes.

Motorola Solutions, a global leader in mission critical communications, delivers mission critical voice, data and video solutions between ambulance services’ first responders, control rooms and the hospital emergency department.

Our solutions include rugged radios and remote speaker microphones for clear communication in the noisiest environments to broadband LTE devices that let you view critical information and allocate resources to improve response times. From biometric sensors that proactively monitor the health of first responders and help keep them safe, to wearable cameras that stream two-way video that gives emergency department doctors a virtual, on-scene presence for immediate collaboration. Real-time communication facilitates better information sharing and faster responses, so emergency ambulance services’ first responders can improve their interactions with patients and ensure better outcomes.

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