MiPV Solar Panels

MiPV Leisure Series Solar Panels and associated accessories offer a range of power outputs to suit most applications – for Ambulance vehicles they could power the auxiallry requirements, greatly reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions.

Advances in the CIGS thin film solar PV cell technology delivers a number of additional benefits over traditional glass based crystalline silicon panels.

MiPV leisure series panels are constructed using CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) thin film solar cells. This CIGS thin film cell technology ensures that you can harvest significantly more energy over the course of a day when compared to silicon systems of a comparable cost.

MiPV Leisure series panels produce more energy at dawn and dusk because of better low-light performance. Then around noon when temperatures are highest MiPV Leisure series panels are less susceptible to performance drop off than silicon cells .

Simply put silicon cell performance is much more adversely affected by increases in surface temperature when compared to MiPV Leisure series CIGS cell technology.

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