Over 50 people attended the first in our series of Be Curious webinars led by Dave Blain, the UK’s foremost expert on sexual safety and safeguarding in the ambulance sector. Incredibly insightful and thought-provoking throughout.

We challenged attendees to reflect on their current policies and approach to staff recruitment and monitoring, to mitigate against offenders who seek to work in this sector.

The main take-aways from Be Curious were:

✅ The different approaches required by providers depending on their size and structure to stop offenders hiding in plain sight.

❌ DBS records don’t always include all the information held by the Police on offenders.

✅ The importance of sharing of information and interaction with external bodies and agencies to reduce the likelihood of offenders moving between employers

📢 Giving staff a voice to be heard (for example through Freedom to Speak Up Guardians).

Our Executive Chairman, Alan Howson, spoke to the Independent about sexual safety in the sector and our concerns about operators outside the scope of the CQC. 

The article also includes comments from Grant de Jongh, Chief Executive of the Health Practice Associates Council, Suzanne Smith, Director of the DBS. It’s a great read and we encourage IAA members to comment and share.

We’re committed to raising awareness of sexual safety within ambulance providers and to making it as difficult as possible for offenders to work in the sector. Following the first in our series of Be Curious webinars, our next event will be a Town Hall in late January/early February. The event will take a Town Hall format with attendees invited to quiz an expert panel. More details will be released closer to the time.