//IAA reaches out to HMRC on VAT liability for patient transport vehicles.

IAA reaches out to HMRC on VAT liability for patient transport vehicles.

Alan Howson, IAA Executive Chairman

The Independent Ambulance Association has reached out to HMRC on VAT liability for non-emergency patient transport vehicles.

Commenting, Alan Howson (IAA Executive Chairman) said:

“The Independent Ambulance Association is concerned about the different interpretation of the VAT liability for vehicles used to transport non-emergency patients by HMRC regional offices.

This is a fundamental issue for the sector that needs to be resolved. We have Members on either side of these differences, some being able to recover VAT, others not; in some instances, changes to previous decisions on VAT liability.

We have raised the potential consequences of these differences for independent ambulance providers with NHS England & Improvement, and the impact the differences may have on providing sustainable patient transport services, particularly at a time when the NHS is trying to return to normal services.

The Association would welcome the opportunity to meet with HMRC and find a resolution to the situation, one which will create a level playing field for all Providers and enable them to move on without risk to their businesses due to retrospective action being taken.”

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