the not so glamorous reality of Radio interviews

In a change in to his normal routine, IAA Executive Chairman Alan Howson found himself being interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours programme, responding to an item on the CQC’s report, State of  Care in Independent Ambulance Services.

The report (which doesn’t pull any punches on shortcomings in the sector but does mention areas of good practice), wasn’t picked up by the Media . . . until now.

Commenting, Alan said “Given we’re in the midst of a general election, I found the timing of the item unusual, particularly given the need for the BBC to remain impartial. It was good however to have the opportunity to respond on behalf of our Members, to present the positives and some of the benefits we bring. I think the Report is worthy of more than 7 minutes of ‘narrow’ exchanges though. Bring on that debate.”

Following on, Alan said “As an Association we’re apolitical, not siding with one party over another, and refrain from criticising our NHS Ambulance Trust colleagues.”

The ‘something different’ to Alan’s Friday routing starts 32 minutes 18 seconds into the programme; readers can judge whether respective remits were upheld.

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