IAA business partner Ambulance Parts has drawn our attention to on the extent to which floor-pan corrosion in ambulance vehicles is impacting on the usability of vehicle ramps.

The problem is becoming increasingly apparent in 60-plated vehicles onwards.

Commenting, Robert Stevenson (Director at Ambulance Parts) said:

“If vehicles are fitted with Lateral fibreglass ramps, the chances are that the ‘floor-pan’ (the metal structure that the ramp stows into) is corroding and may be beyond repair.

We’re seeing quite a number of vehicles with floor pan corrosion as the originals were, in most cases, fitted with no anti-corrosion protection.”

The corrosion of floor-pans is also having knock-on problems with the drive gear, with weakened flooring not able to bear the weight of the ramp, causing excessive wear.

The consequence of these factors is that the vehicle isn’t able to be used.

If the vehicle’s wheels aren’t turning, patients aren’t being transported and its costing money.

Ambulance Parts can supply new floor pans as an exact replacement for the Lateral ones, with their floor pans given a pre-treatment, primed and powder-coated, with the added benefit that the original Lateral fibreglass wedge ramp can be re-fitted.

Repairs/replacement can normally be carried out within 2 working days by their team of technicians, keeping vehicle down-time to a minimum.

Replacement floor-pans are available for Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen and Renault and if the ramp is unusable, Ambulance can supply an AP 100 Access ramp as a direct replacement.

If you have any issues relating to your vehicle ramps and floor pans, then Ambulance Parts will be happy to advise and assist:

t: 01772 785132
e: info@ambulanceparts.co.uk
w: www.ambulanceparts.co.uk