IAA Director and BEARS founder Ali Hashim (centre, back row) and staff with their awards.

The founder and eight members of staff from British Emergency Ambulance Response Service (BEARS) have received unique awards for outstanding care and commitment to NHS patients.

The honours were awarded by the StereoGraph Foundation UK, an internationally recognised charitable organisation which is dedicated to supporting local communities, families; recognising unsung heroes, role models and outstanding individuals of excellence.

At the presentation in London, Minister Michael Gordon, Founder of the StereoGraph Foundation said: “The ambulance award came round as over the years I have always looked into the people in life that do incredible things, whether that be as an individual or an establishment, but quite often are overlooked or don’t get the recognition that I believe is deserved of it. I got the premonition to do the awards and it is directed at what I call the unsung heroes, people that need to be acknowledged and are normally overlooked.”

Minister Gordon said he had been “a trachy’ patient since 2006 and  always used to make his own way to hospital but recently as his condition declined, he had to request transport and met BEARS.

He went on: “I have been secretly watching and doing my homework and have seen the service and the phenomenal way the staff and the team execute their work daily. Not only to me, I have spoken to other people that use BEARS and they all say the same thing. I said to myself
that I had to do something for the staff and the organisation itself needs to be acknowledged with a Stereograph Foundation award because the work that you do is just so incredible.”

Ali Hashim, Managing Director of BEARS, was delighted to receive an award for the service as a whole and to see a number of other awards presented to members of his team “It is an honour and privilege for BEARS to be able to support and care for people when they most need it; and for the service we provide to be recognised in this way shows that our values of Safety, Comfort and
Care really do make a difference.”

The full list of awards is:
Patient Care Award
Katherine Crossman – HCPC Paramedic
Joseph Karikari – Ambulance Care Attendant

Outstanding care of NHS Trust Patients
Nicola Harrington – Emergency Care Attendant

Platinum Patient Care and Transport Award (for outstanding commitment and high standards of patient care and transport for the NHS Trust)
Talesh Patel – Team Leader
Mohammed Riasat – Ambulance Care Attendant
Mohammed Zakir Mish – Ambulance Care Attendant

Special Manager Award
Simon Francis – Service Delivery Manager

Platinum Business Award (for providing outstanding ambulance transportation and excellent commitment to patient care)
Mohamed Ali Hashim – Founder and Managing Director

Platinum Health Care Award (for outstanding service and commitment also care of the NHS Trust Patients in London and the Surrounding Counties)
British Emergency Ambulance Response Service (BEARS)