The IAA has agreed to promote and support the work of Health Practice Associates, who manage a voluntary register for health care workers not covered by statutory registration.

IAA Directors were impressed with a presentation from HPA Chair Andy Newton and HPA Chief Executive Grant De Jongh on the scope and processes of the HPA Register, which provides assurance to employers and commissioners on the fitness to practice of registrants, and their scope of practice.

Commenting, Alan Howson (IAA Executive Chairman) said “As an organisation that promotes high standards to its Members, we recognise the contribution the HPA register can make to strengthening clinical governance for providers, particularly at Ambulance Technician level. The HPA register provides the means to hold registrants to account and also to differentiate between those who’ve undertaken short ‘EMT’ courses and those with significantly more training. It’s also reassuring to know that the initials EMT don’t feature in the HPA framework.”

HPA is not for profit Community Interest Company, overseen by a Panel of experts supported by an Executive Team.

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