The Association attended the recent unveiling of the latest CCQ annual “The state of health care and adult care in England 2017/18” .

New CCQ Chief Executive Ian Trenholm  presented the main findings which confirm that most people in England receive  good quality care albeit with variations depending where in the country you live and the type of support you need. GP practices in particular were singled out for praise.

The Report is the most comprehensive review of the standards of care provided by a nation State in the world covering some 30,000 inspections of health and adult social care settings , both public and independent independent providers. Points of note in the report include:

  • demand for care continues to rise, particularly from an aging population
  • there is increasing demand for people living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and cancer
  • there are wide variations in the provision of mental health services
  • the search for a long-term solution to adult social care continues
  • similarly a need to sort out long term funding

Ambulance wise, 31 mentions, points to note include:

  • ongoing problems of Paramedic shortages
  • London Ambulance Service is now providing a Good service
  • concerns remaining on shortcomings in the independent ambulance sector. No mention made of the backlog of inspections.

In context, the shortcomings identified in the report are very similar to those experienced by NHS Ambulance Trusts in their first round of inspections.  Work to do, clearly.