IAA forms national PTS Framework Task Group

At their recent Board meeting, IAA Directors also agreed to form a national PTS Framework Task Group. The Group will be Co-Chaired by IAA Director Ed Potter and Mark Raisbeck (Managing Director at Falck Medical Services).

The first meeting of the Group will be 23th November and will focus on identifying those aspects of PTS commissioning Tenders that inhibit innovation and new ways of working and looking into a more realistic approach to performance targets.

Commenting, Alan Howson (Executive Chairman) said “Overwhelming feedback from Member companies indicates that a fresh look at commissioning PTS services is needed. The UNISON report earlier in the year highlighted some of the problem poor commissioning results in. There are some very good examples of PTS commissioning and it’s these we’re looking for this Group to identify and build on. Value for money doesn’t always mean the cheapest Tender wins; buying cheap usually means buying twice, and that’s not a good use of NHS monies or more importantly patients, who miss appointments and treatments when things go wrong.”

Task Group Co-Chair Mark Raisbeck commented “It’s fair to say that a the commissioning of PTS isn’t consistent and recent failures of providers suggests that a different approach is needed. Having a national PTS framework informed by fresh thinking and sharing of best practice is the way forward, and I’m looking forward to working with like minded Member organisations to achieve this.”