CQC to extend ratings systems to independent ambulance providers

The Department of Health has published its response to the August 2016 consultation on extending CQC ratings to additional providers. The Association welcomes this announcement and has been campaigning for a level playing field with NHS organisations since its creation in 2012, along with regulatio Save n of the Events sector.

The Department of Health will now bring forward regulations to allow performance assessments and the publication of ratings to be applied to some additional registered service providers and regulated activities, specifically:

  • Independent Ambulance Services
  • Cosmetic Surgery Services (requiring intravenous sedation, general anaesthesia or the insertion of an implant)
  • Independent Dialysis Services
  • Refractive Eye Surgery Services
  • Substance Misuse Services
  • Termination of Pregnancy Services

Views will now be sought for further regulations to allow the rating of all providers of regulated services (apart from a small list of exclusions). The new consultation can be read in full on GOV.UK.

The IAA fully supports the work of the Care Quality Commission and their role in improving standards of care provided. As an organisation we will continue to work closely with the CQC to ensure our members meet (if not exceed) the standards required of inspection and look forward to the first rating of an independent ambulance provider.