Fact finding survey – results so far

Who could have guessed that the most popular vehicle amongst you all (so far) is a 4 x 4. It is certainly popular amongst those with a smaller fleet – and who had heard of a golf buggy ambulance before now? Just some of the more interesting vehicle facts to emerge so far from the first-ever IAA Fact Finding Survey launched on July 27th. The graph below outlines who we are in summer 2015.

Fact Find Results

As you can see Event support is our main function and many members combine it with PTS and Repatriation. But 2 members specialize in Events and five firms offer all 7 services.


But what is most amazing and impressive is the number of patients IAA members come into contact with each year in all sorts of situations across the country. Across the IAA there is much to be enormously proud of in terms of lives saved and harm minimized.

Most IAA members deal with between 1,000 and 5,000 patients a year. One deals with over 100,000.

We decided to band answers to make it easier but that obviously means that we have a higher and lower number within the bandings. At the most conservative estimate, and with only half of Members Surveys in so far, members care for/treat 240,000 people each year. But if we look at the higher end it is 730,000.

And if we were to double that, to account for the remaining half of Members still to submit their Surveys, that is between half a million and up to 1.5 million patients. Every year!

Fact Find Results