iaa - Independent Ambulance Association

The voice of the regulated independent ambulance industry



The nation’s healthcare scene is facing constant change creating serious challenges for every independent provider and it is against such a turbulent background that influencing healthcare policymakers to consider the benefits, skills and resources of the independent ambulance industry is the Association’s prime objective.


The sector faces a multitude of issues which have already had a serious impact on how companies operate and this situation will be a continuous challenge against the background of changing healthcare policies.

The IAA is committed to providing the industry with an influencing voice so that policy makers, at the very least, hear and recognise its views and concerns before making irrevocable decisions.

With limited resources at the outset, the Association will have to prioritise the issues it tackles.  Current suggestions include the:

  • Off-duty NHS staff working in the private sector.
  • Independents  role in Government plans to transform NHS ambulance services;
  • Care Quality Commission’s proposed new registration fee structure;
  • Confusion over the use of  bus lanes by ambulances;
  • Need for a national standard for ambulance training;

Working Group

The issues the Association takes on will be decided by the specialist working group and will reflect the majority views of members. The Association plans to be represented in Parliament so that its views on such issues can be raised in public in  MPs’ debates; it will also regularly meet with officials of Government, transport bodies and the emergency services to put forward the industry’s views in face to face discussions.


The Association will also seek to build relationships with other organisations from both the public and private sectors and where relevant  will collaborate with  them in joint lobbying initiatives.

In giving the industry a voice, the Association will also  have a proactive media relations campaign to promote our views and services through the trade and national press, radio & TV, and online.


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