The British Burns Association will be hosting a  pre-hospital education day on the management of burns on 22nd February 2018. The morning will be at a training venue at Redhill (near Gatwick) with the afternoon sessions in London (venue tbc).

The event is aimed at those who work in pre-hospital emergency care and will be multi-disciplinary, in order to share current best practices.

Scenarios will cover not only burn / chemical injuries, but also the toxicological patient who self-presents to the ED before the first ambulances arrive from the scene of incident or where patients scatter to many hospitals in larger urban areas.

Scenarios will cover a number of topic areas such as:

  • Initial Assessment and Management – thermal and chemical injury.
  • Safety aspects of working in an emergency scenario in the first 10 minutes before a response team arrives
  • Multiple Casualties / Mass Casualties – being first on scene to a major incident
  • Smoke Inhalation Injury, Airway Management – difficult airway
  • Burn Wound Management – best evidence based approach
  • Electrical Injury, such as from electric vehicles
  • Chemical Burns – the gap between industry and healthcare
  • Paediatric and elderly Burn Injuries – in rural communities
  • Stabilization – Transfer and Transport –  Pain management and Fluid Resuscitation
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